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We specialize in running trips to see the pink dolphins in Hong Kong. Generally, trips are scheduled in the morning but additional trips in the afternoon or occasionally on Saturdays or other days of the week may be offered; please feel free to email or call to check or watch out for announcements on our website.

Chinese White Dolphins are a resident species of Hong Kong and can be sighted year round, so you can join us whenever you like! We are extremely busy in the summer till the end of the year, ie, from July till December, so be sure to book well in advance.

In terms of sightings, there is basically no such thing as the best season, as we have seen dolphins in all seasons and in all sorts of weather. In the traditional low season in the winter months (January to March) and some not so fine-weather days when we have fewer than usual people joining, sometimes we’ve had more dolphins than humans with us, as reported by our guides after such amazing trips!

If you want to celebrate birthdays, wedding or any sort of anniversaries or simply to enjoy a group gathering with the dolphins, please contact us for a private dolphin watching charter trip, we will be more than happy to facilitate. For gift certificates, please refer to Dolphin Shop.

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