The cove in Hong Kong

An Oscar award winning documentary, the movie discloses the cruel truth about an industry that involves hunting and slaughtering wild dolphins in Japan in order to have some of the animals in captivity. If you care about dolphins and are against such shameful cruelty, the movie, available in DVD and VCD, is a must see.

Hong Kong Dolphinwatch has been proud to be one of the supportive groups for promoting this movie in Hong Kong that was on show in local cinemas last November by offering discounts to holders of tickets to the movie to join our dolphin watching tours. We also helped to dispatch the booklets produced by the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society to our passengers.

To learn more about cruelty surround keeping animals, particularly marine mammals, in captivity, please click on the following website:

The Cove

The Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society educational booklet on the movie can be downloaded from the following link :

Please do your part to say no to slaughtering of marine mammals and capturing them from the wild for showing.